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What do we need
We're not looking for specific classes, just people who want to enjoy this game :)

Welcome to the - Thrall for president - website !

Please feel free to look around to get an idea of what -Thrall for president- is about. For information on our guildlevel, perks and achievements please check - Thrall for president - on the WoW Armory. 

We've just started on Ghostlands realm and we're a social guild which basically means we're just here for the fun :) Joining us means to be a part of a guild without any obligations but you can enjoy the benefits of being a guildmember such as a guildbank, a fun chat and the occasional guild event whenever anyone feels like organising one.

Information about current guild population can be checked on the "
Roster&tradeskills" tab.
The "
Calendar & PvE progression" tab provides information about scheduled events and our PvE rank on Ghostlands-EU (which isn't really important since we're a social guild but for those who want to know it's there).

I hope you enjoy this website and who knows we will be welcomming you soon as a new member of our guild :)

Shivan - 06 april 2011 -


for our guild:

If you still have questions after checking this site or would like to join us, you can send and in-game email or check if I'm online or any officer and /w one of us.

For the names of our officers you can check our guildroster  

For the names of my characters check my personal profile 

If you want to send an in-game email, plz send it to > Shivan

for membership of this website:

We will only accept members of our guild as members of this website, applying for membership of this website while not being a member of our guild is a waste of time. 

What's going on ?
Other Guild News

Rated battlegrounds in Cataclysm

Snoopydogg-tfp, Nov 6, 10 9:42 PM.

Are you up for a fun time ?

Just play whenever you want to and not when or how your guild tells you to ?

Join us on - Ghostlands-EU - :)
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European: Stormscale (PvP)
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